On behalf of his former colleagues at Saugatuck Technology

It is with great sadness that we receive the news of Frank’s passing. On behalf of his former colleagues at Saugatuck Technology here in the US, let me extend our deepest sympathies to the entire Sempert family.

I first met Frank in the early-to-mid 1990’s. He was then the country manager for Gartner Group in Germany. I was traveling regularly from the US to Europe at that time as a senior industry analyst, and made a point of visiting Germany often as we were making solid business there. I was more than happy to support Frank and his team as he built the business. He clearly had the respect of his colleagues, and I could tell he was a strong leader.

Frank went on to other business endeavors after that, but we reconnected some 10+ years later after we launched Saugatuck Technology. Frank and I met up in person at an event I spoke at in Stuttgart (I think it was 2007), and agreed to have him begin to work with us to grow the business in Europe. He worked part-time with us thereafter, until we sold the company in 2016, not only helping to sell our research services, but also representing the firm in a number of venues where he delivered keynote speeches, sat on industry panels at major conferences and conducted some Germany-focused research for us for clients.

I was always impressed by Frank’s versatility, industry knowledge and broad grasp of key trends. Frank had a gentle yet persuasive way about him. During his tenure with Saugatuck, I regularly visited the Frankfurt area, and had many fine meals with him, and had the pleasure of meeting several of his friends. He was very well liked by all that knew him.

William S. McNee
Former CEO, Saugatuck Technology